The AlePoems generator is run on the user's machine as a Javascript program, so please be sure that Javascript is allowed or the site won't work.

There are four things that the user needs to decide:
  • Words per line
  • Lines in the poem
  • Number of stanzas
  • Input Text
Words per line
This may be fixed or random. Each requires input from the user. Values of 0 won't be accepted.

Lines in the poem
There are three choices for number of lines in a poem. The user may choose a fixed number of lines, random or to use all the words. Fixed requires further user input to determine the number of line. Depending on the number of words in the input text, the generated poem might not have the full number of lines the user selected.

Number of stanzas
Here there are three choices: a fixed number of stanzas, randomized stanzas, or a single stanza. The first two require input from the user. Randomized stanzas are based on a probably of a break. The user needs to set this to a decimal value between 0.99 and 0.01.

Input Text
As of this moment, the text length is limited to 4000 words. The program breaks the words by space, so if you want to break up words with dashes or other punctuation between them, be sure there is a space.

Try using essays, poems, news articles, instructions, random collections of words, or anything else you can find! The new creations are your own. Experiment and discover how language can be used in novel ways!

Language is everywhere, put it to work with Alepoems!
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